I’ve never met anyone as personable and professional as Mile High Estate Planning. I’ve been nothing but delighted in his meticulous execution, care, and understanding of my needs.
- Allison Schultz, Boulder, CO

Experienced Denver Probate Services

Probate is the court process for distributing a loved one’s property after they pass away. There are many statutory requirements for probating someone’s estate and what most people don’t know could end up costing them a lot of their inheritance. This is why you should always speak with a Probate Attorney before beginning the probate process.

At Mile High Estate Planning, we can help you navigate the court process with the goal of maximizing your inheritance and minimize the time and cost associated with receiving that inheritance.

Conservatorship and Guardianship Attorneys

Or are you in need of a lifetime probate matter? Do you need to become a conservator or guardian for a loved one? Do you need to object to the way a loved one is having their financial affairs managed by their conservator or guardian?

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